Profiles of Sacramento MUFON members

Jack Barranger Mr. Barranger is the author of several books: Past Shock: The Origin of Religion and its Impact on the Human Soul, Freedom From Religion, Knowing When to Quit, Mysteries Explored (with Paul Tice, who is both his co-author and his publisher), and Rico's Irreverent Bible Studies (using the pseudonym "Rico T. Scamassas"). Mr. Barranger is an agnostic, not an atheist, and is in no way associated with the Freedom From Religion Foundation. He was a Fulbright Scholar (like Bill Clinton), and, before his retirement, a teacher of English and critical thinking, and once attended a theological seminary. He has been interviewed on "Coast to Coast" and is working on another book: When the Gods Return.

Ike Bishop, who had driven all the way from Boise, Idaho. Mr. Bishop was a private investigator for ten years in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and was MUFON's Idaho State Director for twelve years. In addition to his investigations of UFOs, he has also worked on crop circles with Nancy Talbott.

For several years now, each Memorial Day weekend, he has organized the Alamo 51 UFO Conference in Alamo, Nevada, near Area Fifty One.

William White Crow Presenter at the July 2010 meeting wears many hats including Shaman, Paranormal researcher, and author of children's and other books. As a Native American he was taught the legends of the ancient peoples and acquired the knowledge of important past events and of events still to come.

Douglas Dietrich. Douglas, a former Marine, worked for ten years as a Research Librarian at the (now closed) Presidio Army post in San Francisco, and it was his duty to destroy a great many documents. Due to the incompetence of some of his superiors he was allowed to see documents far beyond what his security clearance should have allowed. Piecing together his memories of these documents, he developed a remarkable and controversial version of what really happened during and after World War Two... and what happened at Roswell.

Cynthia Siegel has been the MUFON State Section Director for Sacramento County since 1996 and a Field Investigator and Counseling Consultant for MUFON International since 1992. Cynthia was the Host and Producer of the "UFO Connection" TV show on Sacramento public access television for 14 years. The "UFO Connection" is the longest running UFO television show in the country, having aired continuously for 19 years.

Cynthia holds a M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Saint Mary's College, graduating with honors, a M.S. in Parapspychology Research from John F. Kennedy University, and a B.A. in Psychology from Hofstra University.

Cynthia is the Executive Director of a local Sacramento County non-profit providing drug and violence prevention for youth and families in Sacramento services. She holds active California credentials as a Multi-Subject Teacher and Pupil Personnel Services. Cynthia also produced and hosted the past television show "Community Connection" promoting non-profit resources in the Sacramento Region and received the WAVE Award for Excellence in Local Cable Programming in Community Issues.

George LoBuono Author of "Alien Mind" (free e-book, paperback or kindle) and upcoming "After Contact and Conflict with Extraterrestrials - The Next Step: Interaction with Mixed Alien Communities". Lecturer, Investigative Reporter, and researcher on the underside of U.S. History. . Extensive guest appearances on radio shows such as "Coast to Coast AM with George Noory", "Jerry Pippin UFO Files", "UFO Minds Radio" and more.

Jim Ledwith. Jim is a generalist ufologist has investigated Area 51 and the Roswell crash, and written of the UFO conference culture, and interviewed abductees, or experiencers. He recommended that anyone traveling to Wiltshire (in southern England) to see crop circles should arrange for a guided tour with an established group.

Devlin Rugne, to a fairly full crowd. Devlin, currently the MUFON State Section Director for Stockton, California, was at one time a field investigator in Oregon, and also worked as a dispatch operator and Oregon chief investigator for the STIP, or Star Team Investigative Project, which was funded by the Bigelow Foundation. She described several cases she worked on in Oregon.

Janice Stork, presenter at June 2010 meeting. Janice is the author of two books: "Earth is Not My Home" and "Footprints of the Capitol Astrologer". While a legislative aide for the State of California she was influential in getting the practice of astrology legalized in California and has been a professional astrologer for over 45 years.

Janice has a new book just out, see the flyer for Dust or Dew; immortality in the ancient near east.

Bob Wilson has been the chapter webmaster since 2006. He worked on the "UFO Connection" TV show for eight years. First as cameraman then doing graphics for the show.

Bob was a well known producer at Access Sacramento, cable channel 17. Bob has produced over 500 individual episodes, including the first hundred episudes of the "The Psychic Hour" staring Nancy Bradley. Forty-seven episudes of the WAVE Award winning "A Question of Public Safety". Other series including "Conspiracy: The Patriot View" starring Ben Stoecker a frequent contributer to the magtazine "Atlantis Rising" and fellow local MUFON member.

Bob is currently retired and doing occasional web design work.

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